Fort Rocky


Fort Rocky weekends are run by an organisation called Youth for Christ around the country. The weekend we will be attending will be at The Frontier Centre, lrthlingborough, Northants. The weekend is based around a wide range of adventure activities that takes place on the site but also includes an element of Christian teaching.



Dates of this year trip to Fort Rocky are 7th - 9th June.


Fort Rockey


Examples of the sorts of activities that will be undertaken include the following:

Abseiling, climbing, archery, canoeing, raft building, raft building and orienteering. Clearly these activities have some element of risk, although this risk is minimised by using appropriately qualified staff. Everyone will be encouraged to take part although water activities may be limited to those who can swim and are confident in water.

Each evening, there will be a meeting with some Christian teaching. It is expected that everyone will attend this session



Accommodation will be provided inside in lodges.

A full meals service is provided within the cost of the weekend. Members can also purchase additional goodies from a fully stocked tuck shop.



The weekend will be run by Youth for Christ, who will be supported by fully qualified instructors for each of the adventure activities.

There will also be at least four H.O.G. Leaders from Milton Keynes accompanying the children.

Fort Rocky


More details of kit requirements and of timings will be provided prior to departure.


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