Rock Solid

Rock Solid Clubs started off In Great Britain in 1990 to help local Churches ‘reach out’ to young people in partnership with Youth for Christ. The programme is specifically geared towards the 11—14 age group (school years 7—9), with its particular needs, tastes and Interests in mind.

The move to launch Rock Solid in the UK grew out of the growing awareness that this age group is significant to God and the life of the Church. Research clearly shows us that of the young people who stop going to Church almost 90% do so by 14 years old. This means that much of the good work taking place among Sunday Schools can go to serious waste; as seemingly few are prepared to last out in the Sunday School programme until the age of 13 or 14 when they can then join the youth group. Experience also shows us that very few between the ages of 11-13 would cope with a more sophisticated programme as used with middle to late teens.

However, please do not miss the point here; Rock Solid is not there merely to fill the gap between Sunday School and youth group. 11-14’s, pre-adolescents need and deserve their own programme. They are a group in their own right. They want their ‘own thing’! Rock Solid is for them

The goal of Rock Solid is to ‘reach’ 50-100% non-church, non-Christian young people. It is not that young people who go to Church can’t attend, for they usually find it helpful, but if needs to be appreciated that the aim is to put God on the agenda for those who have little knowledge of Christianity. For many young people Rock Solid is the starting point - fewer and fewer are brought up today with a strong awareness or understanding of the Christian faith and to leave this until they are much older is doing them a great disservice. It is well known that this is a ‘critical time’ in a young person’s life. The decisions made at this time will form life-long patterns.

Rock Solid is part of YFC’s statement of intent of ‘Taking the Good News relevantly to every young person in Britain’, in partnership with local churches - in partnership with people like yourself.

*The above is an extract from the Rock Solid Leaders manual


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